Reply To: Lower leg and feet muscle tightness

January 9, 2021 at 8:15 am

Yes, thank you, i understand, just more curious
why it is manifesting as tightness, when that was not
a predominant feature for me in my lower leg in the
5 ish yrs I have had this, it was muscle weakness.
I have read elsewhere that tightness is sometimes a feature of muscle weakness. The muscle is weak, weaker
that ones normal, and one is attempting to use it to
perform more work than it is capable of doing, just walking, so as a result, it tightens up. Stretching it only will make it tighter ? I cant find anyone to corroborate or what to do other than attempt slow strengthening with PT. Its a vicious cycle, because,
the tightness is so uncomfortable, and causes less balance while walking, so I walk less, which makes muscles weaker. I am also much more tired. Im in NYC,
covid lockdowns, dead of winter cold, stuck inside.
Only getting home PT, facilities are closed that have
treadmills, and other sophisticated machines for this rehab. I have gone to in the past.
Docs don’t know, really, the lack of coordination of care is stunning.