Reply To: Australian’s with cidp

December 4, 2020 at 5:09 pm

Hi Mike
I live in Australia.
I never used it.
I had a look online and can see that they still sell here, I am sure you can find it on Google. I believe it is all made in China and that you may be able to source cheaper alternatives branded differently.
My own experience with massage:
Getting a general massage or even foot rub aggravates my nerves to the extend that I suffer for weeks until it calms down again.
Proceed with caution. Personally I would not use it but perhaps you need to make your own experience.
One thing that helps is to see an Osteopath or a good remedial massage therapist (not for a general massage) to whom you tell what your issue is and they can pinpoint where to touch and apply pressure to certain points, stretch, massage or align. This recently helped me to recover from a very grim situation to a point where I see hope, light and positive change.