Reply To: COVID Immunity?

November 27, 2020 at 4:28 pm

The traditional understanding of the immune system was that innate immune cells couldn’t learn; that they dealt with each invader the same way every time. But new evidence suggests innate responses are changed by previous infections or vaccination, through “innate learning” or “trained immunity”.

Because innate learning changes innate immune cells, it has broad effects on how the immune system deals with infections. That means infection by one invader can cause changes in how the immune system deals with a completely different invader. In contrast, adaptive learning leads to very specific protection against repeat infection by the same invader.

Recent evidence also suggests immune learning is strongly affected by environmental factors, including diet, lifestyle, our surroundings and previous infections.

So, it is possible our Autoimmune systems can improve over time. But there will be a memory of GBS and how it produced bad antibodies to combat GBS, and it could produce them again.

A good article covering Immunological memory is at the following link: