Reply To: Tips for fluctuations

November 2, 2020 at 8:00 am

The Curcuminoids I use here in Australia may be different brands to what you can buy in he US but they all do the same trick if they have the right concentration of the two main ingredients in each tablet namely Curcuma longa extract equiv to dry rhiz 15.8gr containing Curcuminoids 600mg, also Piper Nigrum extract equiv to dry fruit 140mg containing piperine 5mg.
I used Natures Own, Healthy Care and another brand depending what is on special at the time and I never noticed a difference in performance between any of them. I started taking one a day initially since that is what they say on the box but take 4 at the moment and believe I can up that a lot more. I also heard people using fresh Curcumin but it is not my taste.
The Herb oil I use is called Medicated Oil Wangwan Brand and I bought a few bottles in Thailand. The active ingredients are per 100cc, Plai extract 35cc, Methanol 7cc, Methyl Salicylate 10cc,.
Again I am sure there are many equivalents available in most countries.

Here a couple of things I would like to add to my previous post:
Don’t: Don’t drink alcohol, not even so called alcohol free beer since even that contains traces of alcohol which seems to agitate my nerves and trigger a new onset of the disease just when feeling a little better.
Try not to stimulate the old nervous system too much. That includes tea, coffee and Coke, too much computer or screen time.

I feel that apart from the damage in the peripheral nerves there is quite a bit run by the central nervous system.
That reminds me at some stage in the beginning of my journey when I experienced something that felt like some wires just fried in my brain. If I didn’t know better then I would say that is what happened. Ever since the things went downhill.
The consumption of alcohol while doing several hour long gym style workouts may have played a role…