Reply To: Feet feel like the are collapsing and broken?

September 3, 2020 at 7:11 am

Hi Ausvoltz
My current neurologist is Dr Arman Sabet in Southport. I now also had my first consult with Immunologist Dr Heyworth-Smith from Brisbane. I am located in Billinudgel 2483.
At the moment I believe they are both on the right track and doing the right thing/ initiating the right treatment and conducting the right tests.
I wish I had gotten the right treatment 2 years ago, I would be in much better shape today.
I have prior seen 4 other neurologists, 1 in Australia and 3 in Thailand in quite prestigious private hospitals. All of them prescribed vitamin B and either Lyrica, Gabapentin or some other stuff which does not treat the actual cause, even though they had all the info they needed to start a different treatment.

Many neuropathies are progressive and our clocks are ticking while something could be done to slow or stop the progress. Two years ago I did not have the understanding and have been relying on the wrong advice.

I have also been depressed at times during my illness and the desire to live on can be submerged in pain and misery but there is usually light at the end of that and the good times outweigh the bad times. I can still work full time, the days are better than some nights.

It sounds like you have also been going through some rough spots.
After all what is most important is that we beat the disease and not give in, that will provide room for mental and physical recovery.

Did you have any physical relief while on Prednisone? How much did you take and for how long?
Do you feel any relief from IVIG at all?