Reply To: CIP/CIDP symptoms worsening from IVIG

August 29, 2020 at 8:21 am

Hi Teresa
You say you lost function of your arm a few days before treatment.
If this is correct then I believe it is unlikely that it was caused by IVIG.
I read comments from other people that their symptoms start to worsen a few days before the next IVIG treatment is due because the effect is slowly wearing off.
It would then be the standard procedure to reduce the time in between treatments.

Please tell us more about why you started treatment only after 8 years.
It looks like your symptoms have worsened and you have then been prescribed IVIG?
What other events can you remember in the weeks or months before your symptoms worsened?
Any changes in your lifestyle, eating, exercise or other habits?
What other medications have you tried now and during the last 8 years?