Reply To: Fluid retention

August 18, 2020 at 7:02 am

Hi Ausvolz
From my experience with Intragam which I received in Australia I can say the following:
– The IVIG product I received was already 32 grams in 325ml solution
– The prep and flush liquid added about almost another liter (already adds up to about 1.3kg per day of treatment)
– The nurses kept topping me up with water since everybody says you need to stay hydrated to avoid headaches.
– Add or take a little tolerance to that and I would say you are at the 2.5kg you mention and I believe that to be part of the normal procedure. Water or weight shouldn’t appear from nothing.
Having said that, since I had IVIG I feel that my legs are more puffed up and feel almost swollen. That is still the case now almost 3 months after my one week treatment.
Since my IVIG treatment was making my neuropathy worse I stopped IVIG and have been on Prednisone for the last few weeks. I felt instant relief after 10 hours and have regained a lot of my energy within days. Almost no side effects on 50mg/day just some slight difficulty falling asleep.
I wonder why I had to wait 2 years to get this simple and effective medication while watching my health deteriorate…