Reply To: CIDP cause – surgery & implants

July 13, 2020 at 7:04 am

As frightening as it may sound – everything can trigger it, that triggers the immune system to “work”. GBS/CIDP are autoimmune diseases which are caused by an over reacting of the immune system.

I had GBS back in 2001 and a second episode in 2019, which was then diagnosed with CIDP.
Both times the first questions were “have you been sick”, “have you been vaccinated”, “did you have a surgery” within the past couple of weeks. Just because, basically everything that triggers your immune system to react, can cause it.

After realizing what I am dealing with, I asked my doctor if in this case, where everything can be a trigger “every flu I get, could cause a relaps / increase of the sympthoms”? The answer was YES.

My first experience which confirmed this, was spring season & hay fever.
During the worst period, my sympthoms increased rapidly and lasted for as long as the season wasn’t over.