Reply To: Are my symptons CIDP related or other

June 12, 2020 at 10:14 am

Hi Richard

It sounds like CIDP, since it can progress very slowly too.
From my personal experience what you can test yourself is:

– Behaviour of your conentration / momvement / balance when exposed to a lot exterior impressions
like for example in a crowded spot. Since CIDP surpresses the response of the nerves, it might cause problems when you get a “data overflow” because the brain can’t handle the automatic “tasks” anymore.

– Fast movements like for example jumping up or running.
The fast movements require more concentration. Like described before, if your nerves are really surpressed, you will feel like a moment of being disconnected from your legs, because the information of your legs position where it is, can’t be given in the required time back to the brain.

Nevertheless, a liquor testing will give evidence whether it is CIDP or not.
It’s the only almost 100% evidence you can have, if the protein level in the liquor is increased.
Yes, it is not a nice to do test but the better you know your enemy, the better you can fight it.

That is all based on my personal experience with GBS / CIDP.
Feel free to ask if you got further questions.