Reply To: SCIg after IVIG

May 16, 2020 at 8:50 am

Hi all, I just noticed this post as well. I posted s similar one under the CIDP section. I move over to SCIG (7 weeks ago) and I do not seem to be getting the same benefits from it. One issue is that I felt just before I moved over from IVIG, that my symptoms were already worsening so hard to tell if it is the SCIG or it was already happening.
All said, the process is easy and I am fortunate at least that I get no side effects. I have heard good things from most that use it as well so am hoping I can get back to my new normal and proceed with SCIG…
An IVIG boost on top of the SCIG may be the next steps from my Neurologist as currently nothing seems to be working.