Reply To: Moving on From AFO’s

April 19, 2020 at 9:24 am

While I have not been doing this battle for as long as some I certainly share the frustration.
I was diagnosed with CIDP in November 2019. I had 4 months of IVIG and now am on SCIG (mosly as it is easier with Covid 19 right now to get treatment).
While the symptoms had started to subside some the first few months, they seem to be getting worse again. Numbness especially and some increase in the “lightening bolts”. I look after myself well for the most part. I eat very well, workout as best I can 4 days a week.
With the pain and frustration, my one bad habit is I do enjoy 2-3 drinks at night to help relax me. I am thinking this is likely not a good thing and might possibly be contributing to my increased symptoms as nerves wont heal? Any similar experience here from anyone?
While I do not want to go on Prednisone due to side effects, it seems like many have had success with it. I am going to cut out the one bad habit I have now for a period of time and see if that helps. Failing that, I guess prednisone is my next option.. A long haul ahead I fear.