Reply To: Vaccine at Onset?

March 10, 2020 at 3:48 pm

My CIDP was definitely triggered by the H1N1 Flu vaccine I received in 2010. I was perfectly healthy, young, no other infections or on any medications. I got the vaccine and my symptoms started within days of the vaccine. I had a very classic case of CIDP and was able to pretty much conclude the vaccine was my culprit. No other explanation. My first neurologist was the one who suggested that is what triggered my CIDP. I was also able to get compensated from the vaccine fund (not much but something to help off-set my monthly medical bills). So, I do believe that vaccines can trigger your immune system to go rogue and start to see your nerve coating as a foreign invader and attack. Sadly, I won’t ever let myself have another vaccine for fear it will make me worse. That is just my personal choice.