Reply To: Tell me about plasma exchange

March 5, 2020 at 6:34 pm

Chirpy, I had immediate (within a couple days) improvement from my first PE. I had close to 80 PE treatments in total and they helped put my CIDP in remission. Then I followed with Rituximab treatments which seem to have cured my CIDP. I’m left with paralysis in my lower legs and am wheelchair-bound. Thanks to the various treatments I’ve had my upper body has come back and so has my upper body strength.

I think Neurologists feel that having a port is too invasive for most folks and they avoid recommending PE for that reason. Had my initial Neuro not opposed PE I believe I would be walking today. But he put me on IVIg and my paralysis worsened while on it. Then I transferred to a center of excellence and immediately got on PE. A bit late for me though.