Reply To: CIDP = Caused by the flu shot

March 5, 2020 at 4:17 pm

I was able to successfully bring suit against the vaccine fund and did not have any legal fees. The lawyers did everything for me and no costs billed to me. It was done all over the phone and internet as my law firm was located in Boston. It took about 3 years to go through the process. I had to reject a few offers as I was low-balled two times. But we finally agreed upon an amount and I accepted. I could have rejected the last offer but then my case would have gone to a live trial in front of a judge and I would have had to travel to Boston. My lawyer said that if for any reason the judge ruled against me I would not receive a penny (and he has seen that happen many times). So i accepted the final offer (lower than what I though I should receive) but it was something to help offset the cost of IVIG infusions for life. I think there was a time limit you had to file suit after the initial diagnosis too.