Reply To: Suggestions for help with nerve pain

February 12, 2020 at 9:10 am

Sorry to hear about you sister’s pain and symptoms. I love, love loved coffee and caffeine before this illness and have cut way back on my caffeine intake which I think has helped with some of my neuropathic symptoms and also my autonomic symptoms. I still have some caffeine and add cinnamon instead of sugar to my coffee. Has she tried any topical treatments? I have used cryoderm in the past which contains arnica and boswelia which are natural herbs. This does seem to offer some temporary relief. I haven’t tried any cbd oil but have used topical cbd in the past. Before I was sick as I was a runner. I didn’t find that the topical CBD helped and was super expensive. Has she talked to her neurologist about a magnesium supplement or even warm baths with epsom salts? This might help with the leg tightness and warm baths are proven to help with sleep. Just a thought? Accupuncture seems to have helped me some as well. It doesn’t make my symptoms go away but does offer some temporary relief, and I seem to sleep really good the nights I receive the accupuncture.