Reply To: Tell me about plasma exchange

February 8, 2020 at 2:42 pm

Thanks for the info and links Jim. I am very frustrated. I also have another component going on, lupus. After chemo for breast cancer, my lupus went into remission. My PCP thinks it is playing a big role in this CIDP (meaning complicating things). I am seeing a neurologist at John Hopkins next month. He was recommended by someone in this forum. I am counting down the days.

You are a wealth of knowledge. Yesterday, I met the wife of one of the men who also has CIDP. Wow, is she a resource! She told me she didn’t like my brand of IVIg being Baxter. She is with the GBS/CIDP Foundation here in Ft. Myers, FL. I plan on becoming more involved.

I hope you are continuing to recover from your most unfortunate accident Jim.