Reply To: Tell me about plasma exchange

February 8, 2020 at 2:32 pm

I was on a typical combination of PE with Prednisone. I started treatments with a central venous tunneled catheter. I felt improvement 3 days after my first treatment. I went on to about 50 PE’s all together because IVIg never did anything for me.

More info about PE can be read here:

Please Educate Me On Plasmapheresis

IVIG vs Plazmapherisis

A rapid onset of CIDP symptoms and worsening conditions are best treated (in my opinion and based on my experiences with the disease) first with 3-4 days of Plasma Exchange, followed by 8-10 days of IVIg or SCIg. Sometimes an immunosuppressant drug may be needed to help the treatment to work.

It should be noted that PE will cancel out IVIg/SCIg and Rituximab. Ig will cancel the effects of PE and seriously reduce the benefit of Rituxan. So the order of treatments would be important for best results.