Reply To: GBS without treatment ?

February 4, 2020 at 10:12 am

I am 65 and 14 months into my GBS illness. I just started walking without a “walker” at about 11 months. Have been exercising on a tread mill using the arm supports to lessen the foot pain. I have been taking Lyrica for the nerve pain which is worse in my feet and then my hands. I had twice as much nerve damage on my left side which I am grateful for, because I was able to escape having to use a wheel chair. I did not respond to IVIG at all. Never tried PE. Your father received much better treatment than I did living here in San Diego, USA is all I can tell you. Lots of bad doctors here.
They have a few centers dedicated to this disease, but good luck getting to one. I would try contacting one of those.