Reply To: New Diagnosed-IVIG question

December 16, 2019 at 8:50 am

My neurologist just increased my Gamunex dosage from 45 grams to 80. I’m hoping the increase does the trick.
Been on Gamunex on & off for 2 years, I can say I’ve seen much relief, maybe the increased dosage will help.
If after a couple months or so I see no improvement I’ll suggest the Cellcept. I’m on Prednisone, that doesn’t seem to do anything.
Rob, We went to the caribbean back in July, had planned to do some scuba diving with my son in Grand Cayman, I barely left the hotel room. Not realizing, I had suffered a pulmonary embolism shortly before leaving for vacation. It’s a good thing I didn’t push it and dive, I probably would have had serious issues.
I’m probably farther along with CIDP, enjoy your vacation, but take it slow. The heat had effected me greatly.