Reply To: Rib and back pain with CIDP does anyone else

November 18, 2019 at 9:49 pm

I’m grateful for the open communication.
My neck pain is constant and hurts to check blind spots when driving. Flexeril doesn’t touch it.
The shoulder blade pain…omg the intense pain. It’s not the electrical shock pain. Doesnt feel like nerve pain. I dont know what it is.
Same as with the ribs…not electrical shocks. It isnt constant but when it’s there, it’s like being hit with a baseball bat.
So far I havent found relief. Gabapentin made me sick as well as not easing any pain. Lyrica doesnt help either.
Lower back ache and sometimes extends the length of the spine.
I thought I was alone, and since neuromuscular specialists probably dont read forums, my neuro and primary care dont believe it’s all CIDP related. Now I can show them that it’s not just me.