Reply To: Medicinal Marijuana and CBD Treatments

October 8, 2019 at 5:43 pm

SandraP, I can highly recommend “3 Kings” or “Gorilla Glue.” Both are marijuanas, THC, that make me feel good, alleviate my pain and sleep very well. I live in a weed-legal state and buy it at a store 5 miles from me. Both of these strains are powerful.

I never, ever drive while smoking weed……i don’t do my bills, i don’t go shopping, i don’t drink alcohol with weed.

I put on soft, easy, love song music while in bed, have a glass of ice water next to me and just take it easy and relax. When I go to the bathroom, I use my wheelchair to get there…..don’t want to take any chances of falling while feeling so good! Just use your common sense and if you don’t know, then use caution when deciding.

On the cover of the AARP Bulletin this month, it’s about marijuana.