Reply To: Stem cell replacement

September 26, 2019 at 10:40 am

I have looked into the STEM Cell treatment. I was in contact with the Hospital in Chicago where the research is being done. I was thinking about applying and got all the necessary forms. But after more research I decided it was not for me at this time. My current neurologist at the U of MN was one of the doctors who worked on the research at the hospital in Chicago. He talked me out of the therapy at this time. He said that it is really grueling and hard on your body in so many ways. They use high doses of chemotherapy drugs to kill off all of your immune system. He said there is not enough evidence that long-term your immune system won’t just go back to attacking. He also said a lot of people have the CIDP cured but end up with a whole host of bad side effects from the STEM cell treatment drugs. So he said he wouldn’t do it unless your disease was so bad and you had no other options. I am hoping with more research they will find ways to make the therapy safer in the future.