Reply To: IVIG Shortage

August 20, 2019 at 9:03 am

Not all brands of IVIG have shortage issues. Maybe he can order one of the other brand named IVIG that isn’t experiencing a shortage. I was diagnosed 10 years ago with CIDP. My neuro tried steroids as the first line of treatment. I hated the side effects! I was angry all the time, unable to sleep, jittery, and other weird side effects I won’t go into. So she took me off steroids and started IVIG at an infusion center. I have been on IVIG now for 10 years and don’t have any side effects from my infusions except a little fatigue the day after. I am able to get my infusions at home with a nurse that comes to my house. My hope is to remain on IVIG for a long time to come, but I have told myself that if for any reason I can’t stay on IVIG as my treatment I would NEVER go back on the steroids. I will try other options such as immune suppressants before ever going back on steroids. I also hear that steroids long-term cause a lot of major,messed up problems in your body that are permanent. So I would push for IVIG or other options before getting stuck on steroids. That is just my personal opinion due to my misery caused by steroids. Others might have not had the issues I had on steroids. Good luck.