Reply To: Second Round of IVIG

August 3, 2019 at 11:33 am

I would recommend getting IVIG if your feeling worse as long as you can get it(they will cut you off depending on your insurance) and it seems to help. I had IVIG off and on for almost 18 months. I stopped because although initially it seemed to help me after several months it didn’t seem to be doing anything. Because I am not one to take any medication, my neurologist said I could stop IVIG but we wouldn’t know what would happen! If I got worse I could begin again. That was more than a year ago. I was diagnosed with many different autoimmune diseases amongst which was Guillane -Barre and I still have so many issues Most of the time I am able to manage my symptoms but I would definitely get IVIG again if I spiral down. Good luck and may peace be with you!