Reply To: Has anyone just stopped responding to IVIG?

July 13, 2019 at 10:57 am

Unfortunately, that’s the down side of the chronic part of our disease. It could be that you’ve stopped responding to IVig, or it could be, like me, you get periods where the CIDP acts up.

My theory is that when our CIDP acts up, it overwhelms the medicine we are on. In my case, around last year at this time, out of the blue, my symptoms started returning. Not to the point of not being able to walk, but numbness, weakness, lack of energy and so on.

It has taken almost a year to shake that off. The IVig, I’m sure has kept the worst of the symptoms at bay.

With that being said, my neurologist started me on Imuran in April, and that combined with the IVig has, I think, slowly reduced my symptoms.

In other words, see if your doctor will add another medicine to help you combat your current symptoms.