Reply To: Will I ever be better?

June 25, 2019 at 7:59 pm

I’d like to offer you a little bit of hope. I was misdiagnosed with GBS in September, 2016, but when symptoms returned in March, 2018, I sought out a better doctor, and he confirmed that I really had/have CIDP. I was put on a regimen of Prednisone and IVIG in July, 2018 and by November, 2018, I was pretty much back to normal (whatever that is!). In January, 2019, I switched from IVIG to SCIG, mainly so that I could travel if I wanted to without worrying about getting IVs everywhere. I’ve been slowly backing off of the Prednisone, and everything is still hunky dory; my symptoms have not returned.

If you’re not improving at all, you might want to seek out a doctor who specializes in GBS/CIDP. For me, it made all the difference. Good luck!