Reply To: Gammagard IVIG side effects

June 17, 2019 at 11:34 am

My disclaimer up front is, I only use Gammunex C. I was diagnosed with severe CIDP in 2016. My Advanced Degenerative disk condition was going on for 17 years at that point, leaving me with no disks in my lumbar or cervical areas, low back and neck.

The symptoms of My CIDP were hidden and thought related to the structural condition. In 2017 I switched providers for my IVIG because I was yanked around as I see many of you relating. That provider changed me from Gamunex C to Gammagard, and several others every month “because” the manufacturer’s kept running out. BS, what was going on was they were buying what ever IG that was cheapest.

IF you have that problem, flee to another provider if you can. The horrors of that half a year will never be forgotten, at one point I couldn’t get off the couch to feed myself.

Once I was with a new provider, and able to start researching, I found out that switching a patient was the worse thing you could do if they were responding to one formula. Note here: No two formulas are exactly alike and act differently in the body.

I urge all CIDP folks to go to Gammunex C, but then, I am not a doctor. I found many hospitals and clinics will not use any other formulary because Gammunex C is the best for treating CIDP. Three years in, and my feeling down to my ankles has returned, it’s working. When I was diagnosed, I could not feel anything below the knees. Granted, other formularies may work better for you, or not. But I would urge you to seek out if this maybe your issues.

Because of my structural issues, now under 80% control, my pain seems to last 5-8 days after 12 hours of IVIG. Before, I couldn’t tell you which was which. After a back rebuild this last August, I can tell you now. My heart goes out to each of you, and my prayers. I know all too well we all suffer in different ways, but we all suffer from this heinous thing called CIDP. You are not alone.

Regardless, ask your provider what they think about Gammunex C, and if they are not a fan, call and talk to Griffols, the manufacturer of Gammunex C, and listen to their position. It may be time to get a better provider. Oh and the hospitals and clinics I called, were from various states.

I hope this helps even one of my fellow sufferers.