Reply To: Gammagard IVIG side effects

June 14, 2019 at 7:19 pm

Hey Barb and Fellowcidpguy,

My symptoms flared up in July of 2018. As a result, my Neurologist at first upped my prednisone to 60mg a day. That really did nothing. So in September, he added 10ml to my biweekly IVIg treatment. That actually seemed to help.

But in February, I was still suffering from numbness in my forearms, hands, and calfs. I’m now taking 100ml treatments weekly and in early May, I started on Imuran in the hopes of getting off steroids.

Unfortunately, in late April I somehow fractured to vertebrae. The consensus is that the Prednisone had weakened my bones, thus causing my vertebrae to be easily broking.

I had so much pain from the vertebrae, I couldn’t really tell the difference between the broken bone and CIPD pain.

With my back now healing, I think I can report that the Imuran seems to be helping. Not sure of the efficacy of weekly IVIg treatments, but at least this week I feel better and the CIDP pain seems restricted from the ankles on down.