Reply To: Anyone sue a doctor for bad diagnosis

May 18, 2019 at 7:21 pm

You can sue for anything in a civil lawsuit. In order to win your attorney would have to prove malpractice and/or negligence. GBS/CIDP is very difficult to diagnose because the symptoms are throughout the peripheral nervous system. Misdiagnoses are not uncommon.

I have CIDP. I consider myself very lucky to have been diagnosed in only six months. I traded emails with one man who had been misdiagnosed for 10 years. He ended up in a nursing home. He was only diagnosed when his lungs started to shut down. Most neurologists know next to nothing about GBS/CIDP.

I had diabetic neuropathy start about 12 years ago. I took medication for the blood sugar and the pain went away leaving me numb on the bottoms of my feet. The pain started coming back three years ago. The first thing I did was get my sugar checked. No change.

Then the symptoms started adding up trouble walking, more pain in hands and feet, migraines, unexplained dizziness, deteriorating cognition. For the first five months, my initial neurologist treated the symptoms. I had just gone on STD from work a few weeks earlier and found myself in the ER. My pain was about 12/10.

The following week at an appointment with her, I let loose on her with all my expletives and what cognitive ability I had left. She referred me to a neuropathy specialist. He came in on a Saturday to see me. He had the diagnosis after my first nerve conduction study.
Cheers, Bryn