Reply To: CIDP diagnosis, Medicare

April 10, 2019 at 2:49 pm


I have United Healthcare through AARP. I had just started the approval process when I found out that home infusion would be covered by part D. I had a special signup period for Medicare since I did not have employee covered insurance at that time and was paying very high premium for my individual policy. When i switched to Medicare my insurance screwed up and claimed i was still covered by them [that is what Medicare told me]. it took a lot of phone calls and a month or so to get that straightened out. During that time is when I researched home vs hospital outpatient or infusion center coverage. After the research i told the contact person for my Part D that i was going to have my neurologist change my orders to an infusion center, that I was no longer interested in home infusion, so the approval process for that was not totally completed.
Besides a bunch of tests during initial and followup examinations my neurologist tested two nerves in one foot/leg for my nephropathy.I forget what test he called it but it involved a lot of shocks! I had slow response in both and one had infrequent F-wave readings [only registered an F-wave one in 5 times]. Although i had some issues with my hands as well he felt no further testing was needed in other foot/leg or hands. Then, after ALL the blood work he ordered came back normal he then diagnosed me with CIDP…started treatment…and here i am today….doing great.