Reply To: CIDP diagnosis, Medicare

April 10, 2019 at 10:56 am

Hello Ron,

I am on Medicare original and have received IVIG for about 18 months. When i was first diagnosed my doctor set up my treatment to be at my home. At that point i needed to understand my costs so i did my research not until that time. In my case i found out that if i had home treatment Medicare would cover it under part D not B. This was too expensive for me so i had my doctor change treatment to an infusion center which is covered under part B. Before treatment started i was able to sign up for a supplemental [because i had just turned 65 3 months prior and was still withing the 6 month signup period for supplemental]. All costs have been covered by Medicare and the supplemental. So is short for Medicare original if you have infusion done at hospital or infusion center [and maybe doctor’s – not 100% sure] it is covered under part B. It is important that you infusion center or hospital outpatient provider know the correct coding so there is not trouble with coverage.