Reply To: Newly diagnosed- Ivig expectations?

March 11, 2019 at 3:02 pm

I got GBS while traveling in Spain; fell flat on my face one afternoon and went directly to a Spansh hospital. A neurologist was on duty and diagnosed GBS that very evening. ( I didn’t even know what GBS was and assume I would wake up the next day OK!) They started me on IVIG the very next day for 4 consecutive days. My arms and legs were paralyzed but I guess I was lucky since it did not affect my lungs. I was never in any pain.
Other then the language barrier the Spanish doctors were great. (I returned to the states after two weeks) I didn’t start regaining any movement for for almost four months. I am now in my 17th month and I can walk using a walker. My hands are still a problem as is my lower legs and feet. I have no pain but tire easily. My neurologist uses one word, “patience”. My advice to you is don”t give up. I am 72, was very active, and if it wasn’t for family and friends I would have said good-bye a year ago. I’m starting another round of IVIG and hopefully I might see some additional improvements soon. What else can we do?