Reply To: Newly diagnosed- Ivig expectations?

March 8, 2019 at 11:34 am

Thanks Paul, I am thankful for this site as well. I do not personally know one other person who has GBS in my area so it’s hard to relate to anyone else about it. It drives me nuts that because I don’t have visible scares or injuries on the outside, people think I am all good and recovered. Ha, ha, they don’t see me on my “bad days” because I am on the sofa! I have good days too Paul and on those days I usually do to much which lands me on the sofa for a couple days. I get mad when that happens and you would think I would learn to regulate myself better but on the good days it feels good to be somewhat normal.
Because I have been unable to return to work full time I am trying to get Social Security Disability which I found out takes almost forever! Has anyone else with GBS been successful getting SSDI?