Reply To: Medicinal Marijuana and CBD Treatments

January 25, 2019 at 12:23 pm

No it won’t cure CIDP but sure deals with the symptoms. Much of the proven work (as best we can guess anyway…) is it’s effect on epilepsy and neuropathies, so worth a try. I can feel the symptoms start to resolve in minutes. A CDB containing creme also works well on isolated areas of itchiness/psoriasis but if it’s a generalized problem best to treat whole body. I use a high CBD tincture during most of the day. Takes about an hour or so to take effect. Vaping works very quickly. So I vape a bit to get to sleep and let the last dose of tincture kick in while I’m (hopefully) sleeping. There is no general dose per se. What works for you. Start low and add…but give the first dose plenty of time to do it’s work or it’s easy to go too high. I know people who use it to treat severe pain like back pain. Doesn’t do anything for me…but for the problems of CIDP it works very well. Find what works for you. May take awhile, but it’s worth it. And no, it’s not just a ‘feel good’ effect. And remember that the parts of the brain that control vital functions like heart rate, breathing, etc. are fairly devoid of cannabinoid receptors. There is no documented case of death by overdose. Opiods are there….and they can kill. Cannabinoids will cause sleep etc. but not much more. 5 Drunk guys will start a fight. 5 Stoned guys will start a band….