Reply To: So confused!

January 6, 2019 at 2:59 am

It sounds like you have a fairly mild GBS- maybe a variant? I’m about 5 years post-diagnosis. I try to stay physically active to keep the spine/back pain to a minimum. Blood pressure/heart rate do fluctuate. Like MS, each case is a little different.

You didn’t say why you are concerned because of your cousin’s MS. GBS and MS can seem similar (and I have read up about coping mechanisms for MS for insight) but they “operate” differently. Someone else will probably address this, or by now you’ll have researched it further?? (If you like to read, find Donna Jackson Nakazawa’s Autoimmune Epidemic- or any of her other writings). Autoimmune disorders can “run” in families with genetic predispositions. Can. But each family member can have a different diagnosis entirely. Or only one member has any kind of Something.