Reply To: Granny seeks help for Mentally disabled and deaf adult/child with CIDP

December 22, 2018 at 12:54 am

Hi again!
You are doing “this” wonderfully! You’ve explained your situation clearly and without over-doing it.
The amount of work you’ve invested in your grandson’s care really is admirable. You seem to anticipate things that many people might not think of.
Play-dough wasn’t what I meant, but I was tired. Physical/occupational therapists have putty that comes in different thicknesses. I was trying to picture what he needs… The info about the clenching fists helps. The therapy I had included this putty. TMI time: The umbilical cord was wrapped around my hands and feet, so I have deformities. The one that relates to your situation: One of my hands has a bunch of stubs and a “normal” thumb. All I could do with the weakest putty was clench what I could and dig my thumb in as hard as possible. I thought that if your grandson had/has clenching, some of the strongest putty might help him not use his thumbs to hurt his hands when he is feeling stressed.
I’ll be thinking of your family…