Reply To: Husband diagnosed with atypical GBS

December 4, 2018 at 9:43 am

I slept a lot in the hospital and rehab. I think it would be perfectly normal and even encouraged to sleep/rest as much as possible considering what we endure at onset and beyond.
If you think he’s sleeping too much or too hard (for him), ask the doctors/nurses if any medications have drowsiness as side effects. After I went home it took me two weeks to realize that I was way too tired. I felt good and wanted to do stuff (within reason), but I couldn’t stay alert very long and felt fogged up. The allergy meds they prescribed were ones I’d had trouble with earlier in life. (Sleep driving on Benadryl) I was just too worn out from the GBS to remember that kind of thing. Another med made me gain a lot of weight very quickly, messing up “everything”. (a lot= 50+++ lbs)