Reply To: CIDP survey – odd relapse pattern, weakness, exercise effects – anybody else??

December 2, 2018 at 1:10 pm

Thanks, Jim! That’s a very interesting survey, although unfortunately it doesn’t seem to address any of my 3 questions above. Perhaps ‘survey’ was a poor word choice on my part. I’m just trying to find out if anyone has had similar symptoms, as I seem to have a rather unusual case of this rare disease. I am developing devious plans to experiment upon myself to see if exercise or diet can induce relapses, since both seem to have been involved in recent relapses (it seems that I have developed a sensitivity to Sesame that causes gut inflammation, and this coincided with a recent relapse, but doing a confirmation might well trigger another relapse – not fun).

BTW, I’ve been on the forums a bit, and I can see that you’re a tremendously knowledgeable and helpful member. On behalf of all members, thank you for your efforts!