Reply To: Mayo Clinic

October 28, 2018 at 4:45 am

After 5.5 years of progressing PN in the front halves of both feet, I finally received in May 2018 a diagnosis of CIDP, and in July-October 2018 my neuro and I took some aggressive treatment (Prednisone 40/mg day, and heavy-dose IVIg for three months).

Unfortunately the progressive of my symptoms (total numbness, burning, weight bearing pain) has not been slowed by these aggressive treatments, and they have been put to a halt, and I’m now taking Mycophenalate although not with much optimism.

So I interviewed and got accepted at Mayo Clinic out of Rochester, MN. I spend the week of Dec 19 with them. My understanding is that they will “figure out what this is and if its possible how to stop it.”

If anyone wants to learn more about my Mayo journey, or, if anyone has any tips on how to prepare, please reply.