Reply To: Scared at 82

October 20, 2018 at 7:00 pm

Thanks so much for the encouraging words! She has her last day of IGVV treatment tomorrow. She has had a few good days and a few bad days since it started. We are very lucky she doesn’t have paralysis. She is very weak and has numbness in her hands, arms, feet, legs, and sometimes face. She also has speech & swallowing issues. Her breathing is getting a little more difficult so I’m hoping that won’t get worse. My biggest concern right now is the random blood pressure crashes and of course the fact that she is 83. I wish they lived in a more populated area where there were more neurologists. They live in Twin Falls, Idaho and there aren’t enough neurologists here. I tried everything to get her into one when I got her a few weeks ago before she was diagnosed. I kept hitting brick walls and they said they were all booked until January. Finally after calling 911 and hospitalization for almost a week the hospitalist finally called a neurologist. I so appreciate all of the support!