Reply To: Another vaccine victim added to the long list

October 6, 2018 at 2:29 pm

GH I’m glad the flu vaccine does not cause an exacerbation of your CIDP, but youshould fear giving advice one way or another to individuals regarding vaccines. It’s generally accepted that GBS can be triggered by vaccines even though the mechanism by which some people develop GBS or CIDP in response to vaccines has yet to be elucidated. This is why the same government which neither confirms nor denies a mechanism of causation, nevertheless compensates people injured by vaccines. In the NIH report Adverse Events, you will find a case of measles encephalopathy which was triggered multiple times in the same individual as the person completed a series of measles vaccinations. The first two times the individual was told it was merely coincidence the encephalopathy began shortly after administration of the measles vaccine. So this individual continued with the vaccine series after recovery. The final time the individual received the measles vaccine, and developed encephalopathy requiring ICU admission, a doctor with a high degree of suspicion biopsied the brain of the then comatosed individual and through Polymerase Chain Reaction testing identified the strain of measles causing the encephalopathy. The encephalopathy was not caused by a wild type of measles but the strains used in the vaccine the patient was given. Even in this case where there was a smoking gun the report uses the same equivocal language that government can neither confirm nor deny the vaccine caused this case of measles encephalopathy. Clearly in this case we can see that the denial of causality flies in the face of the science. If this victim of measles encephalopathy, caused by vaccine strains that do not exist in the wild, cannot get a government admission of cause and effect, people with GBS and CIDP from vaccines should not hold their breath waiting for a government admission of cause and effect…even if science one day elucidates the mechanism. This language is written for reasons of liability and for public health goals, not to protect individuals who have an autoimmune disease. Each individual needs to weigh the risk versus benefit of each vaccine, the risks of acquiring the disease itself, and the treatments available should the disease be acquired. People who do not have devastating autoimmune diseases can provide herd immunity to those who do.