Reply To: No Sleep & Hallucinations – any one ?

September 20, 2018 at 2:17 pm

Thanks for the reply. I am certain now a few more sleepless nights later it is the Benedryl I take at bedtime. Seems this has the same effect as the prednisone. I’m 61 and it has not gotten any worse, or any better either. The opioids I was taking previously, Had the time lost effect on me also. I have much less with Gapentin, and Alpha Lipoic, combo I make due with now.

Doc wants a sleep-study. I want to Sleep. Watch me go, and saw wood all night! I am taking 12 plus a Neupro Patch. I single finger peck, single handedly. No speed awards are coming for either us it appears!

Best of Wishes with the hearing.