Reply To: No Sleep & Hallucinations – any one ?

September 20, 2018 at 1:02 pm

GBS/CIPD permanent nerve damage. Goal is to control pain to have some quality of life and be happy during those happy moments. I went from a long life of working hard to keep in great shape; no red meats, work out every day, no problems with weight… was same weight for over 20 yrs, from 20 to 50. I never took any medicine or pills, just vitamins. Except early childhood illness. Typing this is a challenge. I woke up one day with a dragging one leg around, to four days later two legs, then the arms, and I now live in a different body, one of GBS. recently, ill, feels really bad, but bed ridden for five/six years, cannot ambulate whatsoever. But so weird is that sleeping thing. I was such as good sleeper, and now I can sit in bed, without even watching tv and watch the sun rise…for days and days and days without sleeping. I already take four to five pills three times a day… but sometimes I have like flashes of time go by that I don’t know if I am asleep dreaming or awake. I have to do a double take; but that can freak me out with my double vision. So sleep deprivation will at some point take effect and who knows what. Plus now I lost most of my hearing, out the the blue You just never know what next. I’m around 60yrs now.