Reply To: Anyone with Sensory Predominant CIDP?

August 23, 2018 at 12:57 am

Hi Slate. Perhaps you will find some clues in the linked studies. CISP is a sensory form of AIDP and/or CIDP according to a study documented by The American Academy of Neurology in 2012. You can read the detailed study here:

The study concluded (excerpt) ‘… CIDP patients differ from CISP patients in that their distal sensory nerves usually show evidence of demyelination, whereas in CISP patients, the pathologic process appears to be localized to the sensory roots (thickened lumbosacral nerve roots). Similar to other varieties (CIDP, MMN, DADS, Lewis-Sumner, etc.), the syndrome of CISP presented here may well be an additional phenotype in the spectrum of CIDP…’

Another study, from Brazil in 2013, is summarized in the link below: