Reply To: My research on Testosterone and GBS

August 14, 2018 at 10:54 am

Edayle – I assume your testosterone therapy was with the concurrence of your doctor (?) – I am surprized this would be recommended given your normal testosterone levels? That dose is pretty too but with encouraging results so it is really too bad there is not more research being done in its use for GBS and CIDP. I hope you continue to post the impact of this treatment including what happens with your testosterone level.

My trial with testosterone was less dramatic but certainly positive on my tolerance of my CIDP symptoms. I am now in a quandary though as I have a slight risk of prostate cancer (I had one needle precancerous out of 13 in a prostate biopsy) and testosterone therapy can increase that risk. My testosterone was originally virtually non-existence so I was prescribed Androgel but was taken off the testosterone because of this risk. I am now completely deficient in testosterone and my CIDP remains pretty challenging but at least stable with IVIG. I and my doctors are going to re-assess the testosterone though and by year end 2018 I may give it another try.