Reply To: My research on Testosterone and GBS

August 13, 2018 at 7:04 pm

I too first read this post last year (2017) as well as the two related posts. After doing additional research I decided to simply try for myself.

First some background: I was 51 at DX. GBS for me was a very rapid progression in that 36 hours from beginning symptoms, I was in an ICU, fully paralyzed, and mechanically ventilated. I stayed on a ventilator via a trache for the next few weeks. I wound up staying in hospitals for 8 weeks, a nursing home for 6 months, and an acute rehab for six weeks. A grand total of nine months. When I returned home I was still in a wheelchair and using a walker for transfer.

I’ve been on transdermal testosterone (5%-125ml daily) now for five weeks. I’m in no way advising or advocating anyone to try this but here are my results thus far. My strength has vastly improved as well as endurance. I went from wheelchair to cane in that short time period. Neuropathy has went down to just my feet and feels more like a sunburn than any sharp pains. My libido returned after three weeks to pre GBS levels. My balance has also improved significantly.

I wish to also mention I did have my testosterone levels checked prior to doing this and although in the normal range they were just barely.

Once again allow me to say I’m not advising or advocating this just sharing my results.