Reply To: Advice please

August 1, 2018 at 5:29 pm

QUESTION: Been CIDP survivor since 1992. Treatment has been regular IVIG through Mediport.

Last week; through Cystroscopy told I have a golf Ball size Tumor (from appearance it’s Cancer) on the inner lining of my Bladder.

The will do 2nd Cystroscopy on 8/13/2018 to remove the tumor (hopefully get it all+ not deep into the muscle off my Bladder.
Next, they inject a Chemo Drug (mitomycin C) into the Bladder.
After Neuro, saw the Urologist Report, he told my Infusion Company to Postpone my IVIG?
CONCERN about CIDP WITH CANCER, Chemo Drug with IVIG, on and on.
Anyone else encounter this?

Or, am I the only Double Winner. Thanks Folks