Reply To: Small relapse equals muscle atrophy

July 25, 2018 at 9:27 pm

Just a little update. Getting better has been sort of an up and down struggle. Depending upon the minute of the day, it seemed like I either felt horrible or I started to feel much better. Happy, I seem to be on the mend. The numbness is dissipating and my strength is better.

I’m not back to where I was, but I’m getting there.

Okay, I know CIDP is supposed to only hit below the knees and the elbows, but I think it affects more than that. When I start to decline, say below 65% of my former self, I get a terrible sciatic nerve pain that runs from my hip, through the buttocks, into the calf.

When I originally got CIDP, I had that exact pain and with this relapse it returned. The pain in the hip and calf is unbearable. Thankfully, as I have started to recover, that pain has gone away.

Anyone else have weird pains with their CIDP?