Reply To: Small relapse equals muscle atrophy

July 15, 2018 at 12:13 pm

An update. I think the IVIg and high doses of steroids have turned the tide. The numbness and tingling are slowly receding down the forearms and calves. And, my strength seems to be returning. Whereas I had the glove and sock feeling up to the elbows and knees, it, has receded to about halfway down the arms and legs.

But, also, at night, on Monday, I started to have terrible burning in the legs and feet. Far beyond anything I’ve experienced. It kept me up it was painful. I mentioned it to the nurses at my IVIg treatment and they sent a note to my Neurologist. He’s on vacation, but his sub sent in for a prescription for something I’ve never heard of.

Anyway, took one Thursday night before I went to bed and it knocked me out. Woke up with a zombie like feeling—you know—where you are floating above your body? I had that drugged out, horrible feeling all day long.

I said I know that feeling, I had it when I tried Cymbalta last year. I swore I’d never touch that DEVIL drug ever again. Sure enough, what he gave me was a generic Cymbalta. I hate that stuff. It doesn’t relieve your pain, it just makes you higher than kite, unable to function. I couldn’t and wouldn’t drive. My hands were shaking. I sweating like I was in sauna. Horrible, horrible medicine.

It took a day and half to get one pill’s effect out of my system.

Anyway, bottom line, now that I’m over the effects of Satan’s pill, I”m starting to feel better, my strength is recovering as fast as it was yanked away, and the numbness is slowly receding. As to the burning? I just saved all my Gabepentin to the evening and it takes enough of the burning away so I can sleep.