Reply To: Long Newcomer Story/Guidance Needed

July 4, 2018 at 3:56 am

Very similar experiences with GBS. I was finally diagnosed in August 2017. I had a CAT scan & two MRI’s. My second MRI was 2 hours long! The first time I went to the hospital they sent me home. Three days later I had to go back in the hospital. I stayed for a week or so. Then I was sent to a nursing home. My neurologist said my vision problems are not due to my GBS. I’m going to a ophthalmologist next week. I broke my right ankle in three places & had to have surgery. MY 40th birthday was June 22ND & I broke my foot in two places. The ER sent a prescription for painkillers & the pharmacist called to yell at me. I never asked for them to fill a prescription for more painkillers. I take CBD’s & wait 30 minutes before taking a painkiller.
This is my first time on a blog. Hope I’m doing it right?